The Go-Between

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The past is a foreign country: they do things differently there. It makes no sense, a literacy device that is used to attract the
reader. Personification time. It is like a Fact. The word 'Foreign' he doesn't recognise, strange.
I should not be sitting here alone .no partner. Foreshadowing, something changed in his life, doesn't want to be sitting alone but
The year 1900...the dawn of a Golden Age
As for the Virgin, the one distinctively female figure in the galaxy, I can scarcely say what she meant to me. Foreshadowing.
`Are you vanquished, Colston, are you vanquished?' No, I was not;
Like the loosening phlegm in an attack of bronchitis .the effect it has on him is damaging, like a disease. Isn't pleasant.
I did not understand the world of B. H....they had zodiacal properties and proportions. They were, in fact, the substance of my dreams, the
realization of my hopes; they were the incarnated glory of the twentieth century. Metaphor looks up at them. Listing effect showing
how important they are and reinforcing there are many not just one.
I had come out with flying colours.
You insisted on thinking of them as angels, even if they were fallen angels. Foreshadowing.
Information about: creates tension, makes you want to read on. Has the reader see him as a lonely old man. The negative event you are
not told and want to read on to find out. Implies his life would be different if this hadn't happened. Has a striking opening and is in
present looking at the past. Only the zodiac is mentioned from all the themes and by the end of it you see his fascination for it.
Ch. 1
The summer of 1900 would be a cool one, i decided; i should arrange for that. Thinks he can control the weather, naivety.Doesn't like
the heat.
...beginning on the 9th, the day I arrived, and going on until the 26th, the eve of the fateful Friday. Foreshadowing.
Her father's long eyelids drooped over her eyes, leaving under them a glint of blue so deep and liquid... I remember the sudden burst of
blue- and her face lit up. Fascination towards her. Beautiful .blue eyes.
So that is what it is to be beautiful, I thought...
Wed. 11th of July. Saw the Deadly Nightshade- Atropa Belladonna. Sexual awakening.
It looked like the picture of evil but also the picture of health. Unsure about it.
I knew that every part of it was poisonous; I knew too that it was beautiful...
It all began with the weather defying me. On its own line at the very beginning, stands out and conveys importance. Start of
I was not unduly dismayed by the heat...
And, Leo, you musn't come down to breakfast in your slippers. It's the sort of things bank clerks do. Ironic because his dad was a bank
clerk, difference in class.
You must leave them lying wherever they happen to fall- the servants will pick them up- that's what they're for. Two different
upbrinigings.superior than everyone else,Leo is a normal middle class boy.
Two steel threads crossing each other. Imagery, don't get on well however equally strong or unchangeable.
He portrays his obsession with the weather and enriches the novel. He thinks his magic works.
The thermometer...still stood at 83, and had been higher. Obsession
It all seemed to depend on her presence (of the brightness of the day). an emerging butterfly, I was first conscious of my wings. Emerging from an ugly duckling to a swan. Enjoying his time. Life
has transformed.
From being my enemy the summer had become my friend. Feeling different, new feelings towards it that he had never previously
`Just like a cucumber, and the same shade of green! `They discussed what kind of green it was. `Lincoln green!' said another voice. `He
might be robin Hoods' was delighted by that, and saw myself roaming the greenwood with Maid Marian. Comparing him to a vegetable
pocking fun and gentle abuse at him and he doesn't realise portraying his immaturity. Thought they were saying he was brave.
A labour of love it truly was, the first I had ever done. Highlights his love/infatuation for the first time.
Ch. 5
Together they looked like beauty and the Beast. Childish imagery.
The first thing I did was to examine the Psalms for the day, and add up the number of the verses, for I knew that if there were over fifty
I might feel faint and have to sit down. Creates a habit and a weak personality.
I call her spifficating. A.1.
Then a Robin Hood in Lincoln green, with a sense of imminent adventure.metaphor, youthful.Thinks of himself has a great man and
an explorer.
Ch. 7
I was in love with the heat. Liberates everything, including himself.
I wanted to deal in larger sums. I must increase my stature. Wants to grow up and be something important, dangerous.
Without knowing it, I was crossing the rainbow bridge from reality to dream....I belonged to the Zodiac...And the heat was a medium which
made this change of outlook possible. He has completely lost it. Has become in his own world, looking back he could have
controlled himself but at the time could not. He is going into fantasy world.
'Wild oats', he answered with a grin, and I grinned back, without knowing why. Naivety, doesn't understand what the adults talk
about sometimes. Misunderstanding of adult world.
Dramatic Irony from the love letter as Leo has no idea what the letters are for and is very obvious although seeing it from his
perspective allows the reader to see how he is young.

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`Why do you call him Mercury?'...'Because he runs errands'...' The Messenger of the gods! Deluded, sees him as important.
`Mr. Burgess is a bit of a lad.' Up to no good, likes the lady. Leo interprets it the wrong way. Takes it literally.
The mercury had declined to 85; but the marker, nearly half an inch above it, recorded 94... I was myself the mercury soaring to new
heights. Obsessed and genuine interest in the weather.…read more

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I literally did not know what to do next, in the smallest particular.
She (Marian), I dimly realised was the rock on which I had split...
She was my fairy-godmother. She combined the roles of both fairy and mother: the magical benevolence of the one, the natural
benevolence of the other. Wouldn't harm anyone and fairytale story.
I must.i've got to! She is pregnant.
Green had nearly lost its horrors. Maturing
He cast a spell on her.…read more

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Maudsleys and lord
Secondary themes
Innocence: This relates to Leo when he is unaware of everything else happening around him and this is symbolised by the colour
Green and his passion for the zodiac and magic. It gives a good representation and the differentiation of children of that age
and children of present day. His naivety is first brought out in the prologue by the use of spells and then green is mentioned in
the main part of the novel.…read more


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