A divided society?-Immigration attitudes towards immigrants

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Laws (before the 1920s)

  • They realised that everyone coming into their counrty weren't people they wanted in society.
  • The laws didn't keep everyone out, didn't just let in people who would benefit society.
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Where the immigrants came from

  • Immigrant came from Europe such as Italy, Russia and Eastern Europe and the people from there were Jews.
  • They worried that immigrants from Africa might bring disease.
  • Other immigrants came from China, Japan, Mexico, France etc.
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Attitudes of Older Immigrants

  • The older migrants felt as though the new migrants were taking their jobs because they were working for less.
  • They had a superiority complex where they felt they were better than the newer immigrants.
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  • Many immigrants came to America to escape communism such as in Russia.
  • America didn't want immigrants who supported communism in America.
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  • People of America became violent towards the immigrants beacuse they thought they were stealing jobs.
  • They were especially violent to black people.
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