A2 WJEC Gender Bias Essay

Revision cards for the key words in the gender bias essay for A2 psychology

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Alpha Bias

When differences between men and women are exaggerated or created where they don't actually exist.

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Beta Bias


When real differences between men and women are minimised or over looked. By not appreciating real differences the genders can be over or under valued.

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When research is based on the male perspective, opinions and ideologies.

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Real Differences

 These are real biological differences between men and women. The differences don't make one gender superior or inferior.

These can be overlooked in beta bias or distorted and exaggerated in alpha bias.

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Taylor (2000)

Re-evaluated the "fight or flight model" and discovered that this is only true of men and that the "tend or befriend" model is more accurate for women.

Tend - Looking after others, especially children

Befriend - seek help or reassurance from other people, especially other women.

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