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Emily Hunt
PY4 Abnormal

Aetiologies of Depression
WJEC POTENITAL question: Discuss aetiologies of Unipolar Depression including either physiological
or psychological explanations (They can also ask for both)

Physiological Explanations

Family Studies
Those of closer degree we more likely to experience depression at some point.
Twin Studies
There are higher…

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Emily Hunt
PY4 Abnormal

Gender Bias research based on women and hormone levels of stress is different to that of


There is a lot of evidence to suggest support like Selye's GAS theory

Believes a combination of genetics and environment. That we have the gene to be…

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Emily Hunt
PY4 Abnormal

Becks theory of depression
Negative thinking is due to triad involving, the set world and future.

Learned helplessness
Lack of positive reinforcement losing time for pleasure. SELIGMAN using dogs found that when you
fail every time you try you learn to give up trying thinking…


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