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About "The new media" in sociology A2

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New Media

New Media

New media: How technology has developed. (e.g mobile phones into digital music.)

Defining new media; 1.Evolution of exsisting media system (moving from analogue to digital, moving from terrestrial to mulitple channel.) 2.Emergence of new media; (Wireless technology, internet, mobile/ texting)

Chracteristics; 1.Compression (Boyle 2007; Many signals sent through the same cable-digital tv creates a personalized experience) 2.Convergence (Boyle 2005; Digitalisation allows information to be delivered across a range of media platforms.e.g text, music etc could be compined into one single delivery system.) 3.Interactivity (Responsive to real time users inout can mix and match information created. * PARTICIPATORY CULTURE *COLLECTIVE INTELLIGENCE)

Users; 1.Age (young pepople want personalised information immedietley e.g. internet) 2.Class (Poor people are excluded from new media) 3.Global (3/100 Africans use internet) 4.Gender (Girls aged 12-15 are more likely to have a mobile & use intenet. Boys overtake games.

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Impact of new media; 1.Digital citizenship & Democracy (Participation online vital for increased democracy) 2.Ecommerce (Commercial activity online goes from strength to strength) 3.Social networking (Facebook etc, growing dramatically in recent years. Over 140 million (2008) 4.Politics (B.Obama used the interent to great effect in winning in 08)

Debate about new media;

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