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Globalisation - Postmodernism and popular culture

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Globalisation- The way in which the world is increasingly interconnected through people, technology and culture.

There are four elements of globalisation, these include:

Economic Globalisation: 

  • Financial transactions are increasingly global e.g. credit crunch.
  • The economies of nation states are part of a system e.g Nike or Mcdonalds.

Political Globalisation:

  • World Bank
  • E.U
  • U.N
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Cultural Globalisation:

  • Music
  • Films
  • Food
  • Fashion

Global Risks

  • War
  • Global warming
  • Diseases
  • Terrorists attacks

These are a few examples of how globalisation has increased.

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Mass culture thoery (negative) - contemprary culture as the product of capitalism, mass media and mass production.

Mass culture thoery : In the past, cultures were segragated according to beliefs, norms and values. I.e High culture tend to be the rich (elite). Interests include opera, fine art and literature. On the other hand, Folk culture tends to be the poor. Interests include folk music craft and tales.

Nowadays, it's difficult to differenciate between cultures as both elite and folk as they have both been encompassed by a MASS CULTURE promoted by the media. E.g two people from different cultures can have similiar interests such as eating Mcdz, wearing the same style of clothing and listening to the same music.

Elite theorists such as ELLIOT AND LEAVIS argue that mass cultyure is threatning high culture which is now becoming a positive example to lower social orders. I.e everyone can now access it.


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The frankfurt School (neo-marxists) argue that the 'MASS CULTURE' is another way of capitalism imposing culture and creating an illusion of choice.

Marcuse: MASS CULTURE is dumbing down the working class which results in them being uncritical and passive consumers.

Pluralists and postmodern views (positive) - Argue that the media has allowed diversity and a greater variety and choice.

Gans- Folk and elite culture is now available to everyone thanks to the media. This then broadens our experiences and tastes giving us choice and diversity.

Mass media now allows us to forge our own identities as the media provides cultural artifacts from different times and places. We are no longer bound according to our social backgrounds.

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