A2 OCR Biology - The Brain

Parts of the brain.

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Medulla Oblongata

It is at the base of the brain, at the top of the spinal chord.

It have regulatory centres that include:

    • The cardic centre which regulated heart rate.
    • The respiratory centre which controls breathing.
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It is the largest part of the brain.

It is divided into the two cerebral hemispheres.

The cerebrum has a thin outer layer called the cerebral cortex.

It is involved in; vision, hearing, learning and thinking.

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The hypothalamus is found just beneath the middle part of the brain.

It controls most of the bodys homeostatic mechanisms.

Senory imput from temperature receptors and osmoreceptors is recieved by the hypothalamus. This helps to regulate body temperature and blood water potential.

It produces hormones that control the pituitary gland.

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It is underneath the cerebrum and also has a folded cortex.

It is important for mucles coordination, posture and coordination of blanace.

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