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Hormones Summary
Endocrine ­ product is secreted directly into the blood or lymph
Exocrine ­ product is carried by a duct to it's site of action

Hormone ­ the product of an endocrine gland
Target tissue ­ the tisues in which the hormone has an effect

First and Second Messenger…

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What happens when plasma glucose concentration is raised
(eg by eating a meal)

1. Both alpha & beta cells detect the rise in plasma glucose
2. Alpha cells respond by secreting less glucagon
3. Beta cells respond by secreting more insulin
4. Insulin binds to receptors in the plasma…

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Sources of insulin

1. Insulin can be obtained from cows, sheep and pigs
2. An alternative is human-sequence insulin
3. Bacteria are genetically modified
4. By inserting the gene for human insulin into the bacteria
5. As the bacteria grows it produces human-sequence insulin

Advantage of human-sequence insulin Disadvantage of…


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