a balenced diet ands exercise

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a balenced diet

Carbohydrates - used to realease energy that keep you alive and build new cells. 

Proteins - used to realease energy that keep you alive and growth and repair

Fats - used to realease energy that keep you alive and provides storage

Vitimens - Used in small dosage to keep the body working healthier, without your 

Minerals - body will suffer deficiency diseases.



Without a balnced diet you will feel malnourished. If we take in more energy than used we gain weight and if we take in less we loose weight

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Mineral ions

Calcium is needed to maintain healthy bones and teeth, for normal blood clotting and to control muscle contractions.

Good sources of calcium include - cheese,eggs,milk,green leafy vegtables like broccoliThe

symptoms of calcium deficiency include weak bones and teeth, poor clotting of the blood and muscle spasms

Iron is needed to produce haemoglobin, found in red blood cells.

Good sources of iron include - liver,red meat,beans and nuts,dried fruits such as dried apricots

Iron deficiency causes anaemia. People with anaemia become tired and weak because their blood does not transport enough oxygen.

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Water and dietary fibre and energy intake

About two-thirds of the human body is water. It is found in the cells and in body fluids like blood.

Sources of water include - food and drinks               

Wholegrain cereals are a good source of dietary fibre

Dietary fibre consists of material in food that cannot be digested, in particular cellulose from plant cell walls.

Sources of fibre include - fruit,vegtables,cereals               

Dietary fibre is important because it provides bulk, which helps the walls of the intestine move food and faeces along the gut. Lack of dietary fibre can lead to constipation.

Three factors that tell you how much energy you need:

  • Males need to take in more than females unless the woman is pregnant.
  • Increase of exercise will mean you will need more of an intake of energy (the more exercise you do the fitter you will be).
  • If you live somewhere hot you will need less of an intake of energy
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Metabolic Rate

The metabolic rate is affected by

  • how much muscle you have
  • how much exercise you do
  • some are inherited factors

Men have a higher metabollic rate than women because they use more energy

Metabolic rate is affected by the amount of exercise you do but the metabolic rate is also based on inheritance.

Metabolic rate also affects how easily you lose weight and gain weight

like the more you eat and the less you exercise causes you to gain weight but the less you eat and the more you exercise you will lose weight

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obesity and lack of food and losing weight

The excess amount of intake energy is stored as fat.

The fat can be a store of energy if there is a very high amount of intake of energy then it is possible you could become overweight or obese.

Obesity causes arthritis, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease and leaves you malnourished.Obese people often die at an earlier age

Eating not enough food leaves you malnourished and underweight.

Without mineral can cause deficency diseases and can also occour from an unbalanced diet.

You lose weight by reducing the intake of energy, increases the amount of exercise or do both.

If you lose too much weight than necessary it will cause health problems.

There are slimming programmes, some advise you on the right amount you need to be at your optimum health and some say to cut all of the fat from your body

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inheriating health and cholestrol

Inheritance from a parent(s) affect your appearance and affect your health such as metabolic rate and partly influence on the amount of cholesterol in your blood

Cholesterol is need for: 1. Cell Membranes 2. Making hormones.

There are two forms of cholesterol, one is healthy, one causes problems, if the levels are unbalanced there is a greater risk of heart disease.

The way your liver makes the different types of cholesterol and the way your body deals with fat is inherited.

An example of how inherited factors can affect your health is when you eat a balanced diet and you still have high levels of harmful cholesterol when most other people don't and they have to eat lots of high-fat-foods

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People who exercise more are generally healthier.

These are three explanations:

  • You use more energy therefore you lose more weight and avoid problems such as arthritis, diabetes and high blood pressure. 
  • You will have more muscle tissue and increase your metabolic rate and avoid problems such as arthritis, diabetes and high blood pressure. 
  • The levels of cholesterol go down and also balances them, the  good cholesterol levels go up and the bad cholesterol levels go down
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