(3) (1) Stalin and the Soviet Economy

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Key Dates

1926 Critical resolution by Party Congress on the future of Soviety Economy

1928 Collectivisation begins. Start of the First FYP

1931 "We are fifty to one hundred years behind the advanced countries"

1932 Widespread famine (Until 1933)

1933 Second FYP

1938 Third FYP

1941 Germany invades and occupies Russia

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Stalin's Economic Aims


A second revolution to modernise Russia


To confirm his authority as leader of the USSR after the power struggle

Enable the USSR to catch up with Western Economies




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Revolution from Above

1917 revolution had been a 'revolution from below
1928 was a second revolution

Stalin's state would now command and direct the economy from above. It took the central planning agency Gosplan and implemented it on a larger scale and much more thoroughly. Stalin linked the second revolution to the first in terms of equal importance. 

Political Expediency - pursuing of action with the primary aim of gaining a political advantage

Staling sought to modernise the USSR and consolidate his power. 

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"Fifty to one hundred years behind the advanced countries"

"We do it or we shall be crushed"

1928 - 20% Harvest was done with a wooden plough, 50% was cut by hand

.1929 - 1,7741,000 unemployed


1913: 29.0 million tons, 1926: 27.6 million tons 

GDP 1913 - 1928

USSR remained 900

USA 3790 4690

Japan 800 1150

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