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Chapter 17 Notes ­ The New World Order

1943 November: Tehran Conference

1944 December: Beria and the NKVD put in charge of the Soviet
atomic bomb project
1945 February: Yalta Conference
July/August: Potsdam Conference
1946 January: Fourth FiveYear Plan launched
March: Winston Churchill's `Iron Curtain' speech
1947 People's Democracies established…

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Exporting Stalinism to Eastern Europe:
Stalin had established regimes called `Peoples Democracies'
throughout eastern Europe.
Politically, they followed the Stalinist model.
Regular elections allowed the people to vote for the Communist
Party alone.
In each new People's Democracy opposition was suppressed
through a mix of terror and propaganda.
By 1949…

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Economic Boom:
Total industrial production by 1952 was double that of 1940.
At the end of the Plan, in 1950 heavy industry had clearly
recovered from the ravages of war.
In each case, industrial production exceeded the targets set in
the Fourth FiveYear Plan.
The focus on heavy industry and…

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Essentially they showed that Russia and America were equals in
terms of their military technology.


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