3.1.9: why evil&suffering may lead to atheism

Main points:

Moral evil:

- caused by humans using their free will.

- wars&crimes such as , murder&burgarly are good examples of moral evil.

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Natural evil:

is suffering that has not been caused by humans.

such as earthquakes, floods, volcanoes, cancers, not caused by humans but result into human suffering.

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how evil&suffering cause people to question or rej

if God is omnipotent(all powerful) he must be able to remove evil&suffering.

if God is omni-benevolent(all good) he must was want to remove evil&suffering from the world.

it follows that if God exists there should be no evil/suffering in the world.

as there is evil&suffering in the world either either God is not all good/powerful/ or he does not exist.

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also, if God knows everything he must have known the evil&suffering that would come from reating the universe.

so he should have created the univese in a way that avoived evil&suffering.

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Most religious believers believe that God is omnipotent, omnibelevent, omnsicient.

so the existence of evil&suffering challenges their beliefs about God.

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For many religious believers, evil&suffering becomes a problem is they experience it .

for example, if they are in an earthquake/ if their child dies from a disease it can change them into an atheist.

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