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Belief in God only Christianity studied in section 1

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Agnosticism - not sure whether god exists

Atheism - believing god doesnt exist

Conversion - when your life is changed by giving yourself to god

Free will - the idea that humans are free to make their own choices

Miracle - something that seems to break the laws of science

Moral evil - actions done by a human that may cause suffering

Natural evil - things that may cause suffering but has nothing to do with humans

Numinous - the feeling of a presence greater than you

Omni- benevolent - the belief that god is all- GOOD

Omnipotent - the belief that god is all POWERFUL

Omniscient - the belief that god knows everything that has happened and that is going to happened

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Religious Upbringing

Main features-

- Teach their children to believe and pray for God

- Send their children to a church school

- Have their children baptised

It may lead to belief in god-

- They will believe their parents and sunday school teachers who tell them that god exists

- So many people who believe that god exists, since they wouldnt be praying to nothing

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