3.1 Believing in God 

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  • Believing in God
    • Features of a Catholic Upbringing
      • Baptism
        • Parents tell children about God
      • Taught to believe in God
      • Pray to God
        • Believe God exists as parents would not waste time praying to nothing
      • Mass worship God
        • Make people believe God exists
      • Catholic school
        • Taught God exists when they go to school
    • Religious experience may lead to a belief in God
      • Numinous
        • Feel something is greater than you e.g. God
      • Conversion
        • Feel that God is calling you to do something for him
      • Miricle
        • Only explanation is God
      • Prayer
        • Feel God is listening if prayer answered
    • Design argument
      • Anything designed needs designer
      • Evidence world designed e.g. laws of science- gravity
      • Only possible designer of universe is God
      • Appearance of design proves God exists
    • Causation argument
      • Cause and effect
      • Universe and world has a cause
      • God is only logical cause
      • God must exist
    • Scientific explanation
      • 15 billion years ago matter exploded- Big Bang
      • Formed stars and solar systems
    • Catholic response science
      • Most
        • Only God coukld have made Big Bang
        • Only God could have made laws which matter of BB needed to for solar systems
        • God made gases to react to form life
      • Some
        • Science and Bible are correct
        • Main points of Bible creation fit with science
        • 1 day represents millions of years
    • Unanswered prayers lead to atheism
      • Feel no one is listening to their prayers
      • Prayers not answered may feel God does not exist
      • Good Catholic and something bad happens, lose faith
      • Pray to end war and God does not answer it can lead you to beleive God does not exist
    • Catholic response unanswered prayers
      • God does not answer selfish prayers
      • Prayer may be answered in a way that you don't expect
      • God may give us what we need not what we want
      • God will answer prayers in a way that is best for us
    • Evil and suffering can lead to atheism
      • God is omnipotent he must be able to remove evil and suffering
      • God is omni-benevolent he must want to remove evil and suffering
      • God is omniscient he has the knowledge to remove evil and suffering
      • As there is evil and suffering God is not omnipotent, omniscient and omni-benevolent
    • Catholic response evil and suffering
      • Part of a test preparing people for heaven
      • Caused by humans misusing their free will
      • Pray for those who are suffering
      • God has a reason for evil and suffering that human cannot understand


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