Yeats Key Quotes

Here some key quotes from Yeats' poems. You do not have to remember all of them, but just one or two from each poem.

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Yeats' Key Quotes
`The Man and the Echo':
"And shout a secret to the stone".
"Old words of mine put too great a strain / on that woman's reeling brain?"
"A stricken rabbit is crying out / and its cry distracts my thought"
`The Stolen Child':
"Where the wandering water gushes"
"There lies a leafy island"
"The world's more full of weeping than you can understand"
`In memory of Eva Gore-Booth and Con Markiewicz':
"Both / Beautiful, one a gazelle"
"The light of the evening"
"Dear shadow"
"Bid me strike a match and blow"
`The Cat and the Moon':
"And the moon spun round like a top"
"Will pass from change to change / and that from round to crescent"
"Lifting his delicate feet"
"And lifts to the changing moon / his changing eyes".
`September 1913':
"But fumble in a greasy till"
"Romantic Ireland's dead and gone / it's with O'Leary in the grave"
"Was it for this the wild geese spread"
"For men were born to pray and save".

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The Cold Heaven':
"Suddenly I saw a cold and rook-delighting heaven"
"With the hot blood of youth"
`The Wilde Swans at Coole':
"Their trees in their autumn beauty"
"I looked upon these brilliant creatures / and now my heart is sore"
"Their hearts have not grown old"
`An Irish Airman Foresees His Death':
"Those that I fight I do not hate / those that I guard I do not love"
"I balance all, brought all to mind / the years to come see a waste…read more

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A tattered coat upon a stick"
`Leda and the Swan':
"The great wings beating still"
"Her thighs caressed"
"Strange Heart"
"Did she put on his knowledge with his power"
`Among School Children':
"The yolk and white of one shell"
"Something of every paddler's heritage"
"There is a comfortable kind of old scarecrow"
"She stands before me as a living child / her present image floats to mind"
`Broken Dreams':
"There is grey in your hair"
"Your sole sake"
"Vague memories, nothing but memories"…read more


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