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Yeats' Key Quotes

`The Man and the Echo':

"And shout a secret to the stone".

"Old words of mine put too great a strain / on that woman's reeling brain?"

"A stricken rabbit is crying out / and its cry distracts my thought"

`The Stolen Child':

"Where the wandering water…

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`The Cold Heaven':

"Suddenly I saw a cold and rook-delighting heaven"

"With the hot blood of youth"

`The Wilde Swans at Coole':

"Their trees in their autumn beauty"

"I looked upon these brilliant creatures / and now my heart is sore"

"Their hearts have not grown old"

`An Irish Airman…

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"A tattered coat upon a stick"

`Leda and the Swan':

"The great wings beating still"

"Her thighs caressed"

"Strange Heart"

"Did she put on his knowledge with his power"

`Among School Children':

"The yolk and white of one shell"

"Something of every paddler's heritage"

"There is a comfortable kind of…


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