The Fisherman

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  • The Fisherman
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      • An Irish Airman Forsees His Death
        • Irish patriotism, 'Those who I guard I do not love'
      • The Cold Heaven
        • moments of epiphany and realisation of time
      • September 1913
        • Structure: short lines, syntactical parallelism
    • Quotes
      • 'Grey'
        • plain man, simple life - suggests beauty of clarity
      • 'Commonest, Clever, cries, catch, clown'
        • Alliteration suggests Yeats frustration with the Irish people
      • 'I shall have written him one poem maybe as cold and passionate as the dawn'
        • Combination of simplicity, clarity, calm, chilled, love and emotional poems
      • 'Drunken cheer'
        • Easy to appeal to the common man, criticism to writers who opt for cheap laughs
    • Form
      • ABAB rhyme scheme suggests simplicity is ideal
      • 1st Stanza Yeats uses to get his anger out and to look at the reality of Ireland
      • 2nd Stanza Yeats collects himself and accepts Ireland by explaining the dream of the Fisherman
    • Context
      • 'The dead man that I loved'
        • J.M. Synge - The ******* of the Western World
      • Character helps Yeats by acting as a mirror for Ireland, showing them the true beauty of a natural, simple life instead of the materialistic one they are fighting for. The 'anti-self'


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