Leda and the Swan

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  • Leda and the Swan
    • Context
      • Zeus turns into a swan to **** Leda
      • Allegorical - symbolic story of relationship between Ireland and England
      • Originally written for politics, representing the fall and corruption of Ireland parallel with Troy
    • Quotes
      • 'He holds her'
        • 'H' sounds represent a panic in breathing
      • 'Before the indifferent break could let her drop?'
        • Typical Yeats rhetorical question - questions if is Leda a victim or is she gaining powers from the gods?
          • Is Ireland a victim of England or is she gaining power?
      • 'Brute blood'
        • Alliteration of plosives show aggression
    • Form
      • Sonnet - usually about love but Yeats corrupts its innocence by using theme of ****
      • Caesure Volta (Italian sonnet) - 8 + 6 line, octaves, pause between 3rd and 4th stanza


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