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`The Cat and the
W.B.Yeats…read more

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· This poem was written in 1919.
· `Minnaloushe' was Maud Gonne's cat.
· Major John MacBride, Gonne's husband, died in 1916.
· This poem was heavily influenced by Maud Gonne.
· Yeats was interested in mythology and astrology.…read more

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· "Spun round like a top" represents how the relationship is changing
but not going in the direction Yeats wants to. This could represent
the relationship between Yeats and Maud Gonne.
· "Lifting his delicate feet". If the cat were to be Maud Gonne then
this is describing her as delicate and dainty.
· The repetition of "dance" could represent the dance of love or
represent the love between them. A dance is quite bouncy-just like
their relationship.
· "From moonlit place to place/the sacred moon overhead". People
used to worship the moon. The moon therefore represents Maud
· "Will pass from change to change/ and that from round to crescent"
"change" could represent how Gonne's husband has died and she
may be ready for a new relationship-Yeats hopes.
· "And lifts the changing moon/his changing eyes" represents how
there are always things to change circumstances but Gonne's
feelings to Yeats never does.…read more

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· The rhythm is bouncy like a dance or the walk of a cat.
The dance could represent their love. And the cat could
represent Maud Gonne.
· The rhyme scheme is simple and there is some half
· The use of question marks could be used to show how
Yeats is questioning his place in the relationship between
Maud Gonne and himself.…read more

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Key themes/mood
· Relationships
· Never gaining anything in return
· Hope
· Love…read more

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What poems could this be linked to?
· `Man and The Echo'- in this the man never gets anything
back from his reflection. Never getting anything from
Maud Gonne. "And shout a secret to the stone"-Man and
the Echo.
· `Among School Children'- A sense of how Gonne and
Yeats can be together but never really as one: "The yolk
and the white of one shell".
· `Easter 1916'- there is also a sense of change: "All
changed/changed utterly".…read more

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