WWI British Wartime Promises to Different Groups

This is a document outlining with the reasons behind the promises made and the treaties signed between the British and other parties (France, Russia, Italy, the Jews, the Arabs) during the beginning stages of WWI and before. 

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Party Reasoning Promise
Treaty of Constantinople (March 1915): offered Russia that control of the
GB wanted Russia to remain involved in
Dardanelle traits and access to warm-water port.
the war.
Russia o Russians recognized the rest of the Ottoman territory as French and
There was a fear that the Russians…

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Mediterranean Sea and
Suez Canal
The Sharif ­ McMahon Correspondence formed the basis of the promises
made to the Arabs.
o For Hussein, Arab territory included all the Arab-speaking provinces
British were aiming to incite an Arab
east of Egypt.
Revolt to divert the Ottoman troops and
o McMahon claimed…


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