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· When Heathcliff can't have the woman he loves, he turns his attention to
having his revenge on Hindley
· Without the desire for revenge, Heathcliff would have nothing to do except
long for Cathy
· Revenge is Heathcliff's motivation throughout the novel
· `how I shall pay Hindley back'
· `settle my score'…read more

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· Cathy's love for Heathcliff is like the `eternal rocks' whereas her love for
Edgar is like `foliage' and is tied to her desire to be the `greatest woman of the
· `he's more myself than I am'
· `I am Heathcliff'
· `my heart's darling'…read more

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· Families are the source of violence, alienation, jealousy, and greed
· Mr Earnshaw trying to expand his family introduces Heathcliff
· `pleasant family circle'…read more

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· Ghost of Cathy Linton attempting to come in the window
· Heathcliff's connotations with ghouls/vampires/Satan
· `swarming with ghosts and goblins'
· `haunt me, then!'…read more

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· Heathcliff suffers from his love for Cathy
· Isabella suffers Heathcliff's violence
· Hareton suffers mistreatment by Heathcliff
· `violent emotion'…read more

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