Gothic Conventions


Gothic Conventions applied to: The Bloody Chamber

3 major themes in The Bloody Chamber:

  • Gender
  • Blood
  • Social Taboos

How does Carter use these themes and what do they challenge?

  • Inversions of gender & the exploration of reality through power

- Slowly challenges conceptions of the reader ~ are the original tales 'Socially & Politically' correct? Or do we prefer Carter's versions?

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Gothic Conventions applied to: Wuthering Heights

3 major themes in Wuthering Heights:

  • Gender
  • Setting
  • Insanity

How does Bronte use these themes and what do they challenge?

  • Explores boundaries of love & power

- Concepts of masculinity and femininity ( socially) challenged ~ used to push concpets of power

- Property = Power

- Initially Cathy has wealth and power whilst Heathcliff has none ~ Power considered masculine

"It would degrade me to marry Heathcliff"

- The moors = freedom , power is equal and there are no social boundaries allows for their love

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Gothic Conventions applied to: Macbeth

3 major themes in Macbeth:

  • Gender
  • Supernatural
  • Insanity

How does Shakespeare use these themes and what do they challenge?

  • Challenges ideas of who holds power

- Macbeth gains power through violence- leads to insanity- leads to greater power hunger

- Lady Macbeths manipulative role is a subversion of gender norms

- Supernatural acts as a warning- allows 'status quo' to be challenged

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