Contrasts of the two settings

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  • Contrast of the two houses
    • Thrushcross Grange
      • Freedom- thrush- contrasts with characters (eg Isabella, Young Cathy)
      • Cross- religious connotaions
      • Sophisticated name for civilised house
      • Oxymoron of thrushcross- thrush- birds and freedom, cross- anger
      • Thrush- contrasts with the idea of Heathcliff being the cuckoo bird who kicks people out
      • Phonologically sounds full of live
      • Connotations of upper class
      • Where the civilised characters lives the House reflects the character's civilisation (Edgar and Isabella)
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    • Wuthering Heights
      • Dominant and ancient (medieval)
      • Wuthering- colloquial term for wind- pathethic fallacy
        • for the dramatic events surrounding the house
      • Tall, gothic building- reflects the genre of the novel
      • Isolated- like many of the characters who live there
      • Cathy has a deep connection to the House- dreams about being there rather then Heaven
      • Oxymoron in the name: wuthering- lower class and heights-upper class
      • Represents the wild side of the novel and the wild characters- eg Heathcliff, Cathy, Hareton


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