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Writing to Argue + Advise
Planning your argument
Think about the topic you have been given
Work out what your standpoint is
Brainstorm ideas both for and against the view you have taken
Decide which points you want to make and in what order
Develop your ideas on each point
Decide on the evidence that you will give to support your ideas
End your argument with an effective conclusion
Opening Paragraph
This should contain a mixture of fact and opinion
Developing your Ideas
1. Develop your response by initially stating the view that you are
opposing and outlining why people may hold this view; then countering
this view by putting forward the argument that you support.
2. You can write your argument totally from one viewpoint, but make
references to alternative views where appropriate throughout your
AVOID having a paragraph of for and a paragraph of against
Final Paragraph
Draw things to a close, without being harsh. Have a reasonable tone, clearly
stating your opinion.


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