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just some different purposes and text types that could come up in the language exam.

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Purposes of writing

There are different purposes that we could have to write for or have to analyse (depends on whether you're writing or reading). You should be able to cope with each one because any could come up in either exam. Here they are:

  • Persuade-could be a speech or letter,
  • Describe-could be a speech, letter or just an extract,
  • Inform-could be a speech, letter, newspaper article, info for a website, this could be for anything about anything,
  • Argue-could be a speech or a letter,
  • Analyse-could be for a magasine/newspaper,
  • Review-could be for a magasine/newspaper about absolutely anything,
  • Advise-could be a speech or letter,
  • or Entertain-could be a speech, a review, website info, or as an extra bit eg: an entertaining review.
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Text Types

There are also quite a few different types of writing that we have to be able to cope with aswell. So here they are:

  • Non-Literary Texts (eg: biography extracts),
  • Newspaper/Magasine Articles and Reviews,
  • Information for Websites,
  • Advertisements,
  • Drama Scripts,
  • Leaflet Information,
  • Literary Texts (eg: novel extracts and poems),
  • and Travel Writing.

Remember that literary texts are more likely to be in the reading exam and so are leaflets, travel writing, adverts and drama scripts but that does not mean that they cant turn up in the writing exam at all. :)

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