English Language Section B

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  • English Language Writing section
    • Question 5 Shorter question
      • Writing to: Inform, explain, describe, advise, report
      • PAF the question (Purpose? Audience? Form?)
      • Open with a quote or something that you've read...be different!
      • Alliteration, similes and rhetorical questions!
      • If describing, use senses
      • Varied sentence lengths and unique structure (bullet points, speech)
      • Use interesting language devicesto engage the reader!
      • 25 minutes
    • Question 6 Longer question
      • Writing to persuade or argue
      • Acknowlege th opposing arguement
      • Varied sentence length and unique structure
        • A=alliteration F=facts O=onamatopeia O=opinion R=rhetorical E=emotive language S=simile T=Testimonial T= list of three
      • Back up with facts!
      • Quotes from authorite people
      • Connectives to make piece flow
      • 35 minutes
  • Order to answer: 6, 5
    • Formal tone for both
  • Stick to timings!
    • Formal tone for both


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