Analyse, Review and Comment

Notes taken from my revision guide, I hope this will help you to write an effective peice of writing when analysing, reviewing and commenting. This is something that you will have to practice for the AQA English Language B specification on Paper 2, Section B.

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Analyse, Review and Comment

`Analyse, Review and Comment' is more clinical than an arguing essay ­ like a
report. So leave the emotional stuff out of it.

You still have to be convincing

`Analyse' and `Review' might sound like vague and fluffy words. But
there are not.
They still mean…

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Keep it simple

On no account get carried away in an analysis essay.
There are not the same as arguing essays ­ they have to be detached
and impartial.
Don't use analogies and emotional pleas. They won't sound believable.
Just write your points simply and clearly. E.g. `Vegetarians are not…


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