Analyse, Review and Comment

Notes taken from my revision guide, I hope this will help you to write an effective peice of writing when analysing, reviewing and commenting. This is something that you will have to practice for the AQA English Language B specification on Paper 2, Section B.

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Analyse, Review and Comment
`Analyse, Review and Comment' is more clinical than an arguing essay ­ like a
report. So leave the emotional stuff out of it.
You still have to be convincing
`Analyse' and `Review' might sound like vague and fluffy words. But
there are not.
They still mean you have to be clear, logical and precise.
The examiner wants you to sound as though you know what you're
talking about.
You have to write convincingly.
Analyse ­ break the subject down into pieces and look at each one
Review ­ bring them all together again, with an overview of the whole topic.
Comment ­ Make a balanced comment on the arguments you've discussed in
your essay.
Make your writing more detached
You're still trying to show readers why they agree with you ­ the
difference is that you have to sound more detached.
It needs to read more like a clinical report than a persuasive essay.
That doesn't mean it has to be boring ­ it just means you can't take
Make sure you plan all sides of the argument
You are presenting a report on all the different sides of the
The whole point is to make it all as concise and orderly as possible.
Planning an analysis essay needs bullet points.
Never use `I' or `You'
While the first person ("I ...") is useful for making fiction sound
believable, it's useless for trying to make your own real opinions
sound credible.
Using "I" sounds like it's just your personal, unimportant opinion.
Using the third person ("It") sounds more detached, professional and

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Keep it simple
On no account get carried away in an analysis essay.
There are not the same as arguing essays ­ they have to be detached
and impartial.
Don't use analogies and emotional pleas. They won't sound believable.
Just write your points simply and clearly. E.g. `Vegetarians are not
universally respected' NOT `Vegetarians get laughed at by
bloodthirsty meat-eating scoundrels on a daily basis'.…read more


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