How to anaylse, review, comment

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How to Analyse, review, comment
- Make comparisons
- Be biased
- Discover the Advantages and disadvantages
- Give a balanced judgement
- Give personal opinions and reasons
- Give your very own point of view
Past paper question FOUNDATION 2009 AQA
You will be assessed on the quality of your writing.
Many young people have lived in more than one place. Others live in the area
where they were born.
A magazine editor is inviting readers to write in with their own comments on this
Write a letter to the editor in which you analyse the advantages and disadvantages
of either staying in the place you know or moving elsewhere completely different.
Hints & Tips
- To get a high grade, PLAN your answers
- Keep audience in mind
- write accurately and express yourself clearly.
If you get stuck in an exam TAKE A DEEP BREATH and read the question again.
If you feel sick or anxious during an exam and feel it could affect your exam, tell
an invidulator.
Baring in mind foundation is 20 marks and Higher is 27 marks, this should give
you a rough idea of how much time to spend on the section.
45 minutes is advised.


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