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Key Skills
Writing for Different
Audiences…read more

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Adapting Writing for
To learn how writing is
adapted to suit the
intended audience…read more

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Writing for
Different Audiences
In English you will required to write for
a range of audiences.
In this lesson you will learn how the
audience of a piece of writing will
affect its layout, vocabulary and use of
images.…read more

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What do we mean by Audience?
When you think of the word audience what
images come to mind? How many examples of
an audience can you think of?
Audience…read more

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How Audience
Affects Writing
Before you begin any piece of
writing you should consider the
audience you are writing for
very carefully.
The audience for a piece of
written work is the intended
reader. The intended reader
maybe a group of parents, a
Year 3 pupil or the Prime
Minister; whatever the audience
you will need to adjust your
writing appropriately.…read more

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Wish you were here?
Imagine you have gone on
holiday with your parents to
Egypt . The weather is
incredibly hot, the hotel is in the
middle of nowhere and you and
your parents spend every day
sight seeing.
You are going to write two
postcards home.
1. To your best friend.
2. To your grandma who has
bought the holiday as a
Christmas present for you and
your family.…read more

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