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Range of women and their
choices…read more

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Dull Gret
· She was a peasant but made a choice to lead
women to hell.
· The fact that the name "Griet" was a disrespectful
one against women suggests people still
disapproved of her portrayal and power. Women
were not supposed to lead armies.
· She is still carrying pots and pans, shows she is still
rooted to her domestic choice, can't break away.
· In the play, her blunt lines reflect her simple life,
has no experience of elaborate language
· Her choice of food is equally simple and peasant
"Pig" "Sad" "bread"…read more

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Lady Nijo
· Her choice is to be submissive. Her body made her
powerful and her choice to give it up to emperor can
hardly be called a "choice" as she reveals she was bred
to be like this from birth.
· This clearly highlights the low regard for women in this
society and the fact that they are beaten during the Full
Moon Ceremony highlights this.
· Her choice to become a nun is the first choice she makes
for herself and gives her some minimal freedom- is a bit
contrast from her previous life.
" It was always the men who used to get so drunk, I'd be one of the
maidens, passing the sake"
"I belonged to him"
"the first half of my life was all sin, and the second all repentance"…read more

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Pope Joan
· Lived her life as a man, her choice was to put her mind, her beliefs,
over her body believing she was religiously equal to men.
· Contrasts with Lady Nijo who used her body to gain power.
· But by ignoring her femininity there was disastrous consequences
resulting in her violent death.
· Arguably because the Catholic Church still refuse to accept the
legitimacy of Pope Joan it can be suggested that perhaps views
towards women have not differed so much in religion.
"I thought God would speak to me directly. But of course he knew I
was a woman"
"Women, children and lunatics can't be pope"…read more

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Patient Griselda
· She will do anything to satisfy a man- highlights the
weakness in women and a patrichal society
· The fact the other guests are shocked by Walter's cruelty
however suggests that even characters from the early ages
(eg. Pope Joan) have knowledge about how a man should
treat a woman.
· Although Griselda's choice to be submissive appears to
end in happiness as she gets the life she wants in the end.
· Her arrival at the dinner party is unnoticed and it is a few
minutes before anyone notices here- Churchill here
highlights her meekness.
" But of course a wife must always obey her husband"
"It was always easy because I always knew I would do what
he said"…read more

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Isabella Bird
· Choice to be a writer, explorer and historian
shows she was doing exactly what she wanted
to do rather than what she was told to- power of
women growing- eldest
· She is the only real positive portrayal of
women in the first act and this is also disrupted
by the fact that she was frequently ill- connotes
"My hair had fallen out and my clothes were crooked"
"My father taught me Latin although I was a girl"
"Well I always travelled as a lady and I repudiated strongly any
suggestion in the press that I was other than feminine"…read more


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