Top Girls - Act Two


Top Girls Act Two, Scene One 33-46

p.33 = When the trip is to the cinema is mooted Angie moves from a resigned sulkiness, “She won’t let me, will she?” to taking out her frustrations on Kit, first suggesting Kit is too young to get into an X rated film, then that she’d be too scared. Angie bullies Kit verbally to assert her power over her.

p.38 = "******* rotten little ****. You can stay there and die." The unexpectedness of Joyce swearing at Angie, using the same obscenity that Angie hurled at Kit. This is a shocking moment in the play, a taboo word used not just to shock as in the case of Angie & Kit but said with real feeling and anger. It is made more shocking that Joyce, up to this point, has been behaving in a typically maternal manner. It is clear that Angie & Joyce are quick to anger and that this is one of the sources of tension between them.

Top Girls Act Two, Scene Two 46-74

p.46 = Win is having an affair with a married man, has spent the weekend at his house in the country and enjoyed herself enormously “it was like living together”.

There’s a suggestion that she wants to be married and wants to have a life with a married man, she perhaps has an aspiration to have a husband. Yet, Win is not


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