The Color Purple and Top Girls Similarities

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  • The Color Purple + Top Girls
    • Feminism
      • Should women act more men than men in order to be successful? Or should they take pride in traditional roles like wives/mothers? Neither?
    • Business
      • Marlene was able to escape her family life (her fathers domestic abuse) through pursuing business related dreams
      • Celie opening up her business is seen as positive- allows her to be independent from men
        • I am so happy. I got love, I got work, I got money, friends and time.
    • Men
      • Represented as misogynists- sexual abuse, physical abuse and verbal abuse
        • You better shut up and git used to it
        • He beat me today cause he say i winked at a boy in church
        • He hate children and he hate where they come from
        • A girl child ain't safe in a family of men
      • Act better than women but need help from women the most- Albert turns to Celie after being left alone
        • We still man and wife, you know, he say. Naw, I say, we never was.
      • Represented as leaning too much on women to be wives and mothers- Mrs Kidd
      • Represented as cheaters and useless
    • Education
      • Nettie teaches Celie in secret as Mr wouldn't approve- Olivia teaches Tashi in secret as the tribe wouldn't approve
        • Nettie steady try to teach me what go on in the world
      • Education is extremely important in deciding ones future and determines that Angie won't make it
    • Aggression: women on women
      • Nell expresses envy of Marlene being promoted
      • Angie and Joyce have a hostile relationship- Angie talks of killing her, Kit is more competent than Angie while being younger
      • Marlene and Mrs Kidd- Mrs Kidd shows sexism that Marlene won't put up with but Marlene won't recognise that Mrs Kidd is being oppressed by her husband and her traditional wife/mother role (like Joyce)
      • Joyce and Marlene- differ in politics and the way in which women should behave. Marlene is in favour of Thatcher and that women should act like men while Joyce disagrees with Thatcher and takes on a more traditional role
      • Celie tells Harpo to beat Sofia- envious of Sofia
        • I say it cause you do what I can't
      • Before becoming lovers Shug hated Celie and called her ugly- jealousy over a man
        • You sure is ugly


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