Jane Eyre

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  • The figure of the governess
    • One of the most familiar figures in mid-Victorian life and literature.
      • 1851- 25,000 women earned their living teaching and caring for other women's children
      • Most governesses lived with their employers
        • Paid a small salary on top of their lodging.
    • 1840
      • novelists included governess' into their novels, as villains and heroines
      • Jane Eyre, the story of a governess who marries her employer
      • Vanity Fair
        • A young scheming governess who cheats her way through society
    • Who became a governess?
      • high class women taught to be 'ladies'
        • too humiliating to work in a shop or factories
        • Only possibility to become a teacher
          • Small girls school
          • In another woman's home
          • Employed by the upper class
            • By the beginning of the 19th century upper middle classes employed too
            • hiring a governess became a status symbol
    • What did the governess teach?
      • the three 'R's
        • Reading, writing and arithmetic
      • Conversation in French
      • Use of the globe in geography
      • History
      • Key Acomplishments
        • Drawing
        • playing piano
        • Deportment
          • How to conduct ones self.


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