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Key Terms
· Chastity- No sex before marriage in order to remain sexually pure for
· Conflict- The day to day stresses and strains that occur in every human
· Reconciliation- Saying sorry and making up after an argument.
· Commitment- Being committed to someone or something, a sense of
dedication to this person or thing.
· Love- The strongest human emotion that can be felt, the emotion the of
Christianity is based on.
· Responsibilities- Actions you are expected to carry out, things you have to do
to be a good religious believer/person.…read more

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There are three main types of love; Agape, Philia, Eros and Storge.
· Agape- unconditional love, this love is the basis of Christianity.
· Philia- the love felt for family and friends.
· Eros- sexual love
· Storge- sentimental love, for pets or a special object.
Commitments and Responsibilities
· Husbands and wives commit to love each other, they commit to be faithful.
· Christians commit themselves to God through prayer and worship.
· We are all responsible for treating our fellow humans with respect and dignity.
· Parents are responsible for looking after their children.…read more

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· Christians believe that sex is a way of becoming intimate with a partner and is
considered part of God's creation.
· It is a physical expression of love and therefore most Christians believe casual
sex is devaluing towards the act of sex and the people involved.
· Roman Catholic Christians believe that sex should only take place in marriage
because sex is a gift from God and is sacred.
· Other orthodox or Baptist Christians believe that sex should take place in
marriage but are prepared to allow sex outside marriage as long as it is within
a loving and stable relationship.…read more

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· Whose choice is it concerning the use of contraception? Some say the couple,
some say their doctor and some look to their religious leaders for advice.
· Roman Catholics believe that all types of artificial contraception is wrong
because they feel that sex should always be open to the possibility of new life.
· Only natural methods of contraception such as the rhythm method are
allowed by Roman Catholics as it does not interfere with the natural purpose
of sex.
· Again, orthodox or Baptist Christians accept most forms of contraception and
believe it is sensible to use contraception if the couple involved is not ready
emotionally or financially for a child.
· The morning after pill is not accepted however because it results in a
conceived egg being lost from the womb.…read more

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· Celibacy- is not having sexual intercourse in order to remain pure for
marriage or in the case of nuns and monks, in order to focus more on their
spiritual growth and development.
· Cohabitation- is the act of a couple living like a married couple without
actually going through a marriage ceremony. This is becoming increasingly
because of the expense involved in marriage and the rising amount of
divorces.…read more

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this is great and clear, not too much detail! Perfect, and I love the format! **


needs to include another religion


includes Christianity but not ismlam 

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