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Religious Education
Religious Expression…read more

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Religious teachings about how faith is expressed through what is
1. Christianity
2. Islam
o Believers choose to wear cross/crucifix: show identity, God is always with them
o Church: worshippers dress modestly. (Priests, vestments:
importance/sacredness of ceremony)
o Salvation army: uniform, stands for war against evil/suffering, fighting for
oHijab: express identity, follow teachings of Qur'an: purity
oWear crescent moon and star symbol: Islam guides and lights the way, like
moon and stars
o Mosques: worshippers dress modestly, remove shoes.…read more

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1. Expressing faith through the things we wear
2. Religious believers making faith explicit
o Wearing particular clothes: show what they stand for (believers)
o To show readiness for prayer
oObeying commandments/teachings (hijab)
o Duty to show what religion one belongs to…read more

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Places of Worship
Religious teachings about expressing faith through symbols in a
place of worship
1. Christianity
2. Islam
o Crosses/crucifix: inside and outside church, represent death/resurrection of
o Altar: symbol of God meeting his people
o Font (used for baptism): symbolises entry into God's family
o Mihrab (niche in wall): direction of Makkah
o Prayer maths: next to each other, no difference in status between believers
o Star and crescent: symbolises how Islam gives direction (like star and moon
in desert)…read more

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Places of Worship
1. Worship in special buildings
2. Conductive places of worship
3. Art expressing faith
o Important to worship as a community
o Symbols in place of worship: helps focus and worship
oSacred place: sense of holiness
o United sense of purpose/welcome
oOpen spaces: remind of greatness of God
o Inspirational teachings from faith leaders
o Symbols in place of worship: remind greatness of God
o Wrong to draw representations of God
o Painting icons: act of worship…read more

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Religious teachings about expressing faith through pilgrimage
1. Christianity
2. Islam
o Not a requirement
oGo to Holy Land: connection with Jesus' life.
oBethlehem: Jesus' birthplace
oJourney to Lourdes: hope of miracle healing
o Hajj: one of five pillars of Islam
o During Hajj visit sites of Prophet's life. Visit God's house on Earth: Ka'bah
o Helps develop ummah, Muslim community…read more

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