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What is wireless network?
s-data-networking_.html…read more

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Different ways to connect
To the internet
There are many different ways to connect to
the internet to do various different things. A
few examples are:
Wired Wireless
Fibre Optic Cables Fixed Wireless
Cable Wi-Fi
Dial-up Satellite
Digital Subscriber Line (DSL)
Cable…read more

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Network Menu…read more

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What is a router?
A networking device that forwards data from one network to
another. The router is usually connected to at least two
networks, commonly two LANs or WANs or a LAN and its ISP's
network. Broadband routers can be used to do several different
types of things. They can be used to connect two different
computers or to connect two computers to the Internet. They
can also be used to create a phone connection.
Wireless router with home
phone connection.…read more

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What is SPA and SPA2?
Shared port adapter (SPA): It is a
universal broadband router which
offers high speed broadband
connectivity and enables new IP
SPA2 is the newer
version of SPA.…read more

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really helpful

Miss Morgan

A useful introduction to wireless networking.


I like wifi

Cam Murphy

sweet bro


im good at the knife song


this was a good REVisIon source

Barry B Benson

good revising]

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