Connectivity devices


Network card (NIC)

A network card is used to connect a computer to a network using a cable.

Connecting a desktop PC to a network uses an ethernet cable.

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Wireless network card

A wireless card is used to connect a computer to a network using Wi-Fi / radio waves.

Tablet computers do not normally have a socket for a cable connection so tablets use wireless NICs.

Wireless network cards are also present in smartphones.

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A router directs network traffic to correct computer or device and connects different networks together and to the internet.

These are used to connect a business network to the internet.

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Switches allow many computers or devices to connect into a network.

These are used in large networks to connect devices and to direct network traffic so the network runs efficiently.

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Modems are used to convert analogue signals to and from digital signals for connection to the internet.

They connect laptops or other computers to the internet using ordinary telephone lines - this is a dial up connection.

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Wireless Access Point (WAP)

WAP is used to connect devices to a network using wireless connections / Wi-Fi. 

It allows laptops or other computing devices, eg. printers, to use Wi-Fi to connect into an existing network.

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