Network Security

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  • Network Security
    • Wireless networks are less secure than cable ones
    • The Importance of Security
      • When you connect to your own wireless network you will probably see all of the others within range in a pop up
      • Just as you see other people's network, they can see yours
      • If the connection is not secure, they will be able to use your internet at your cost
    • Ways of Securing Wireless Networks
      • Changing the default admin password on the router
      • Setting up a form of encryption
      • Setting up Media Access Control (MAC) address filtering
      • Hiding the router by stopping the router broadcasting its Service Set Identifier (SSID)
      • Turning off the router when it is not in use
      • Reducing transmitter power
    • Encryption
      • Scrambles data so that only computers with the right key can read it
      • The commonest form of protection for wireless networks is WEP, but WPA-PSK and WPA2 are more secure and are more popular
    • Each device in your network has a MAC address
      • You can specify which addresses can connect to your wireless network


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