The German Revolution

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  • Abdication of the Kaiser and the German Revolution
    • What caused the German Revolution ?
      • Failure of WW1
        • When Germany went to war they were defeated.
          • Enemies were blockading the German coast preventing import of basic supplies which lead to food shortages.
          • They lost 2 million troops
      • The Russian Revolution-in November 1917 the Russians had overthrown their emperor and replaced him with a government of people. By November 1918 Germans wanted the same-to replace their Kaiser by government of workers and soldiers.
    • Events of the German Revolution
      • On the 29th October the German soldiers at the naval base of Wilhelmshaven refused to follow orders to set sail. The rebellion spread to Kiel
        • On November 40,000 sailors joined dickers, set up a workers and soldiers council and took over the dockyard
          • Similar revolts happened all over Germany
      • On November 7th in Bavaria thousands of wokers led by Kurt Eisner marched on the state capital of Munich. The ruler, King Ludwig feared his life and he left the country.
        • The next day Eisner set up a workers and peasants council.
    • Effects of the German Revolution
      • Because of the revolution a new government was established. The new government-Weimar Governmentwas able to agree an armistice on the 11th November 1918
        • Germany had to
          • They had to withdraw from all land won in the war.
          • They were told to pull its troops back 48 km inside its borders with France.
          • Germany had to surrender is weapons.
          • Put their navy under allied control.
          • Revolution took place with Friedrich Ebert being appointed chancellor.
          • The Treaty of Versailles was signed
      • The terms of the armistice were not popular and economic suffering was continuing however gradually Ebert's government gained control. By min-1919 the town of Weimar new rules for governing were agreed snd the German state became known as the Weimar Republic


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