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Who was the leader of the Provisional Government?

Kerensky was the leader of the Provisional Government

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Why is the period March to November 1917 sometimes

The period of March to November 1917 is sometimes called the "Dual Government" because the Provisional Government had to share power with the Petrograd Soviet.

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What was order No.1 of the Petrograd Soviet state?

Order No.1 of the Petrograd Soviet state was orders of the Duma are to be carried out only if they do not conflict with the orders of the Petrograd Soviet.

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Which of the following key initiatives did the Pro

The Provisional Government abolished press censorship.

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What were the "April Theses"?

Peace, Bread, Land

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When did the Bolsheviks try (unsuccessfully) to ov

The Bolsheviks tried (unsuccessfully) to overthrow the government in July 1917.

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How did the Provisional Government try to prevent

Death squads

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