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Moby (1965-)
Why Does My
Heart Feel So
Bad?…read more

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From the album `Play'
Released November 1999
Composed on Cubase
Style: Dance Music
Key: A minor
Time Signature: 4/4
Tempo: 98 bpm…read more

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Synthesised Strings
Synthesised Organ
Piano (Keyboard)
Sub Bass
Vocal Samples…read more

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The Samples
Taken from a 1953 recording of `The
Shining Light Gospel Choir'
Background noise has been left on ­
acts almost as another percussion
instrument, makes the track sound
more authentic…read more

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`Why does my heart feel so bad? Why does
my soul feel so bad?'
Sung by a male
Chords: A minor ­ E minor ­ G major ­ D major
(2 bars each)
This chord structure is also used by the piano intro…read more

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`These open doors'
Sung by a female
1st Time: C major ­ A minor ­ C major ­ A minor
(2 bars each)
2nd Time: F major ­ C major ­ F major ­ C major
(2 bars each)
[used when the sample is looped]…read more

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