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Cooment on how Moby uses the following elements in his music:

  • Structure
  • Melody
  • Harmony
  • Technology
  • Instrumentation

The structure of 'Why does my heart feel so bad?' is alternating A (verse) and B (chorus) sections. The piece begins with an introduction, played by the piano, followed by verse 1. Verse 1 can be broken down into 4 subsections where texture and harmonies are built. Then chorus 1 which can be broken into 2 subsections, then verse 2 that can be split into 2 subsections. This is followed by a 1 bar break called a breakdown. Then the second chorus which can be split into 2 seubsections, with the second subsection repeated (this is to signify the song is coming to an end). Finally there is an outro to close the piece.

There are two vocal samples that provide the melody, these were taken from a gospel choir in 1953. The first vocal sample…


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