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Be the next
Branson ... d of a successful
Fancy yourself at the hea
at ideas for new
business? Got some gre
ma ybe you want
products or services? Or
pan y by working in
to work for a large com
ent .
marketing or managem
No matter what your vis
Studies A Level cou rse
ion, the Business
giv es you an
... or start a business
incredibly powerful
to becoming a busine
rt to
launch you on
son.…read more

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Your key learning topics On your marks ... Where will success
In the first year you'll have two main learning In the first year you'll sit two papers, one on take me?
topics. The first of those is called `Planning and each of the learning topics you have studied. Like we said in the introduction, this A Level
Financing a Business' and includes information The paper on the first topic lasts 75 minutes and will get you started in business...…read more

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What skil
Will it fit in n a ls o study Ac
The Bus
ls will I l
Maths.…read more


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