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Managing resources dynamic between
In GCE Economics you'll look at the manufacturers
emp loyment,
forces which affect our lives, such as and government
prices, international trade and poverty makes economics a
in hea lthy deb ate with each
Economists are often vibrant topic. Of course,
con trov ersy which
other over these issues. It is this Economics can also lead to an
ing and which
makes Economics lively and interest exciting career.…read more

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I le arn? On your marks ...
hat s k i l l s er
W a numb
ics help s develop Each year you'll have two
written papers to
Econom complete. Each paper acc
p e r s o n al skills: marks for that year.…read more

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Will it fit in my life?
Students who take Econ
omics also often study
Geography, History, Po Law, Mathematics,
litics, Philosophy and
if you go on to specialise Languages. Of course
in economics then it wi
university or college. ll help you to get into
Can't wait to get starte
Your tutor and career
adviser will be the best
whether Economics is people to help you decid
the right choice for yo e
as you to find the best su u.…read more


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