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America Wasn't Isolationist.

The Dawes and Young Plans:

Two private initiatives brought in by two American bankers to help Germany pay
reparations payments.

Dawes Plan: (1924) Measure devised by a committee chaired by Charles Dawes to
collect and distribute German reparations after World War I. It established a schedule

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The ARA's immediate predecessor was Committee for Relief in Belgium, also
headed by Hoover, which fed seven million Belgians and two million northern French
during World War I during a blockade of Germany by Britain. In the immediate
aftermath of the war, the ARA delivered more than four million tons…

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D. Roosevelt carefully exploited to ensure that US allies overseas were not unduly
penalized by the acts.
World Economic Conference 1933:
The London Economic Conference was a meeting that took place between 66 nations
in the summer of 1933. The purpose was to attack global depression, revive
international trade, and…


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