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Which leader, Chiang, Mao or Deng, had the greatest political and
economic impact on China?

All three leaders had a significant impact on the development of China in the twentieth
century because they all had different strengths. Deng modernised the Chinese
economy in a way that had never been seen…

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his popularity which further supports the argument that under no doubt, Deng Xiaoping
was Chinas strongest leader by having the greatest political and economic impact.

An alternative argument is that Mao Zedong had the greatest political and
economic impact, as Deng admitted himself: "Mao in his policies had been 70%…

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issue in China at the time which was the Warlords. However, the same source goes on
to claim: "warlords remained a significant factor in Chinese politics...Nationalists did
not so much conquer the warlords as come to terms with them." Arguable, Chiang's
biggest obstacle to being an effective leader was his…


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