Maos Reasons for launching Cultural Revolution


Maos Reasons for Launching Cultural Revolution 

  • Liu spoke out at 7000 cadres conference in 1962, clear opposition to Mao 
  • Deng and Liu favoured pragmatism, against Maos ideaological approach 
  • By 1965 production was back up to pre war levels, made Mao very jealous of Liu and Deng
  • Mao Zedong thought was declared secondary to Marxist Leninism in 1965, a clear personal slight in the eyes of Mao 
  • Mao declared that the party was too beaurocratic and needed a state of 'permenant revolution'
  • 1962 Mao launched socialist education campaign, a programme designed to re introduce a revolutionary attitude in China 
  • In 1963 Mao drafted early ten points, said local cadres should be criticised by the masses 
  • Introduced the four clean ups, encouraged peasants to criticise party leaders, response was very lackluster
  • 1963 deng launched later ten points,


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