When The Wasps Drowned

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Death in Latin ­ "Mortalitas" links into the sinister name Mr Mordecai's.
Pathetic fallacy - when human emotions or characteristics are given to objects, nature or the weather.
Symbolisation of `the ring' ­ something sacred being taken away. (The ring from the corpse hand, and the life of the person laid underground)
The garden could symbolise the growth, and the moving on of time.
Between line 20/21 ­ Mr Mordicai's garden. Quite a sinister character as if you read the two lines together "That was the summer they dug up
Mr Mordecai's garden. We heard her screams from inside." The pause in between could symbolise the silence after her death.
Delayed revelations: the end of
the first section reveals the
neighbour's garden has been
dug up ­ it is not until later in the
story that the reader is able to
piece together the narrative fragments to work out the plot
You'd link summer and warmth with happiness but this story has a sinister and mysterious tone.
Symbolism of the wasp
When wasps die, their carcasses lie on the lawn. This could be here to symbolise death.
The wasps are a threatening presence to determine the tone of the story.
Wasps are seen to be aggressive territory ­ Like Mr Mordecai's garden.
The wasps injure Therese. However the wasps aren't a threat to the children, Mr Mordecai's, and the wasps help us remind of this.
The dream ­ "I was watering the garden..." could have meant Mr Mordecai's garden.
"...with a blue watering can..." the blue symbolising the cold hearted tone of the situation.
"...and it started to grow..." maybe she meant her guilt was building up as they ignored the situation even know there is something behind what
has happened.

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Tyler ­ youngest, sense of immaturity
Therese ­ the younger sister
Eveline ­ The oldest, the one in charge, a sense of authority
Themes and characters in the story
Childhood/growing up
Tyler, young and immature nature "curled up under the kitchen table pushing a toy truck"
"I blinked up at them through my sunglasses" her status has changed. She is now more venerable.
"Therese and Tyler were clinging to my bare legs" ­ the comfort of the siblings and their close relationship.…read more


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