When the Wasps Drowned

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When the Wasps Drowned

Here is what I would comment on, these are my own assumptions so may not be 100% correct:

  • 'I, hungry for conversation' - wants to grow up and act older than she is.
  • 'It was the first time the walls seemed confining'  - in the opening all the answers are given to you before you know the story line. Quote could be compared to a prison.
  • 'Mr Mordecai' - Latin for death/biblical character, answers the 'who done it' question before the story has been read.
  • Lots of foreshadwoing: 'her screaming', imagery of the wasps 'around her on the grass, wasps lay dark on their backs, legs kicking, wings to sodden to fly' - could refer to the murdered girl.
  • Young wasps are dependent on their parents as they are very vulnerable at a young age.
  • 'She left us to our own devices' - Eveline playing Mum, wants to grow up.
  • 'I'd fashoined a pair of pink knickers and an old vest which i cropped just below my *******' - Eveline wants to be older than she actually is.
  • The title shows that really Eveline isn't that mature as this is how she remembers the incident - the wasps not the murdered girl.
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When the Wasps Drowned

  • 'I think we'd better fill up the hole' - not mature enough to understand, out of sight out of mind. This is how a child would think perhaps.
  • 'We ignored the bald patch of earth by the fence' - again out of sight out of mind. Turns out being older isn't so great!
  • 'I wanted Mum's gentle shoosh in my ear' - again now Eveline doesn't want to act older!
  • 'I tried to stand taller' - tries to make herself more confident but it doesn't work.
  • 'We all looked, then shook our heads' - naive 
  • 'we stepped out into the sunlight of the garden' - last line, ironic because the darkness is meant to be outside, where the ideollogy of children doesn't exist.
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