Short Stories, Anil, When The Wasps Drowned, My Polish teacher's Tie, Compass and Torch, 100% Perfect Girl. The Darkness out There, Something Old Something New

I made a little table with details of each short stories from 'Sunlight on the Grass' with details of Characters, Language, Themes and comments.


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Story Character Language Themes Comm
Carla ­ Stereotypes herself and 1 Person ­ Narrative Status Significance of n
has low self esteem. Misses her Present tense ­ sense of Identity they provide ide
mother tongue immediacy Stereotypes what Carla asso
My Polish Steve ­ Very nonjudgemental Complex sentences ­ Symbols ­ tie Carla Defines h
Valerie ­ Judgemental and is very replicates stream of Pivotal Moment Tie represents a
Teacher's Tie for show consciousness equality
Eveline ­ Responsible for siblings ­ Past tense Adults ­ roles not being It occurred on a
carer 1st person fulfilled Title: Wasps ­ d
When The Mum ­ not fulfilling role as adult, Description of heat: `listless in Appearances ­ death
Wasps preoccupied at work the still air' ­ unbearable Death The absence of
Mr Mordecai ­ neighbour, sounds Retrospective Pivotal Moments potentially led to
Drowned suspicious: mord = death, decai ­ Complex sentences Symbols ­ wasps ­ seriousness of t
sounds like decay Metaphors `ache of cars' threatening because noone
guide Eveline
Dad ­ held back, uncertain, Verbs Lost relationships ­ Dad Horse represen
preoccupied `distractedly' Adverbs ­ give away and Boy relationship. Th
Mum ­ resents dad characters feelings towards Pivotal moment ­ realises reoccurring yet
Compass and Boy ­ misses dad, switch of roles, one another lost relationship attention, symbo
anxious, refuses to accept Jim Symbols ­ Compass, Torch, Symbols Horse Father and Son
Torch despite attitudes towards him being Horse problems which
positive addressed.
Jim ­ unrelated, tries to act like a
father figure
No named characters ­ this means Similes ­ `mouth is as dry as Fairytale style ­ Beginning, Boy doesn't kno
that that story could be about a desert' Middle and End bases feelings o
anyone's experience Repetition of `100%' Love Story within a st
100% Perfect emphasis Doubt/Uncertainty make sense
1st Person ­ Narrative Sadness Fairytale with m
Girl Retrospective Destiny sad ending
Mentions seaso
Sandra ­ immature Pastoral imagery ­ natural Coming of age In the end its Sa
Kerry ­ unattractive yet mature to imagery Stereotypes a coming of age
know right from wrong Description of Mrs Rutter's Evil/Darkness that appearance
The Darkness Pat ­ good person Eyes ­ `Mrs Rutter watcher Adults deceiving. It's n
Mrs Rutter ­ secretive, not what her come in', `Her eyes were Appearances boys that matur
Out There you'd expect ­ goes against our on the girl', `Her eyes darting' Symbols realises that the
stereotypes 3rd Person evil in the world
Past Tense woods and shad
Anil ­ has bigger dreams than Simple words for Anil which Dreams There are 3 sym
himself, far more adventurous show his youth such as Status story:
than other villagers, young `wheee' Hope The Tree
minded, gullible to stories Description of heat ­` eats child
Mother ­ not given a name sweltering' view = rep
place in society Alliteration `small star shone' immorality
Anil Ragunathan ­ Headman's servant Metaphors ­`sounds of The Hut ­
­ highest authority to him crickets crying out' safety, An
Marimuthu ­ Headman's brother ­ Adverbs ­ such as `hissed' starts, com
no remorse for wife's death show the mannerism of the dream, clo
Headman ­ believes he can hide characters The Villag
things with wealth Symbols ­ Hut, Tree and of status i
Village real world

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No names ­ only labels such as "Foreign/Cultural" phrases ­ Identity In something old
`foreigner' Puts the reader in the Cultural Differences ­ new, anxiety is
Something Wife Joined together Husbands position women seen as property the story. This f
Old, Husband by religion Personal pronouns such as Religious Differences anxiety forms w
Brother `We' ­ suggests togetherness, Racial Differences faced with some
Something a pair Geographical Differences not familiar with
New Personal pronouns such as ` new.…read more


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