What Were Relations Like Between Byzantium and the West

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Relations between Byzantium and the West
What were relations like between Byzantium and the West?
Byzantium hated the West so much because of clash of civilisations.
Byzantium saw themselves as cultural elite and the West "shaggy
haired axemen".
Byzantium were the real Christians and the West were their followers.
The Crusaders and the West also felt hostile towards Byzantium and
their culture as well as they stampeded through Byzantium on their
way to the Holy Land.
West and Byzantium were sworn enemies by c1200 was Crusading
Broken promises
Bohemond refused to hand over the city of Antioch in 1098, despite it
being sworn in an oath to Alexius. He then broke The Treaty of Devol as
Antioch was never handed over after his death.
Byzantines refused to help ever since.
Emperor Isaac II was very suspicious of Frederick's army during the
third crusade in 1189 as Frederick had signed a treaty with Byzantium's
enemy, the Normans. In turn, Emperor Isaac signed a treaty with the
West's enemy, Saladin, promising to do all he could to destroy
Frederick's army.
Great Schism of 1054, where the Roman church split from the Greek
Orthodox Church and formed the Holy Roman Empire in Germany.
The three main arguments of the Great Schism were
The Pope wanted universal control over all of Christendom. Many
people were unhappy about this so they decided to fight.
The second disagreement was the quarrel about "leavened or
unleavened bread".
The last dispute was the Fillioque controversy, which was an argument
of whether the Holy Spirit came from the Father, or the Father and the
Son. The West was not obeying Byzantium's orders, so they went their
separate ways.
In conclusion, Byzantium and the West hated each other so much
because they were so different from each other. They had dissimilar
cultures and hated opinions of each other. Therefore, none of them
wanted to help each other.


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